Get Involved

There are many ways for you to engage with ADAPT to Thrive

How can I share my story?

We are always looking for those interested to share their stories and contribute to ADAPT To Thrive. You can take part by providing a written story, getting filmed, recording a podcast or speaking at one of our events. Please get in touch with us Alternatively, you can engage with us on Twitter @UCL_ACO and share a story that we can re-share with the community.

What if I just want to talk with others facing the same challenges?

Come to one of our events and network with other attendees – please check the events page.. You can also join the discussions on Twitter @UCL_ACO.

Can an ADAPT to Thrive event take place in my department or institution?

Of course! We are keen to partner with other departments and organisations. Get in touch with us and we can explore the most suitable options –

What further support is available?

Many of our events include networking opportunities, workshops on coping strategies and other activities that you might find helpful.

UCL doctoral students and Academic Clinical Fellows can also access support though ADAPT to Grow. This online scheme is based on cognitive behavioural therapy, mentoring and coaching techniques and enables early career researchers to position themselves for success in their future careers. Further information is available on the UCL ACO website.

You may also want to explore support provide by the following services:

"bad feelings don’t last, they have a purpose and they help us do things differently"

Dr Lola Solebo NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer
at University College London, Moorfields and Great Ormond Street Hospitals