Early Career Researcher – What Did I Want?

Professor Rebecca Shipley is the Vice Dean (Health) within the UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences and also the Director of the UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering. In these roles, she coordinates interdisciplinary research activities within healthcare engineering across UCL and its partner hospitals. 

Her research career started within the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, University of Oxford, where she received a First-Class Honours Master degree, before completing her DPhil (Phd) working on multiscale mathematical models of blood flow and drug delivery in vascularised tissues. During this time, she developed a passion for interdisciplinary research around the application of mathematical models in medicine. In May 2012, Dr Shipley took up her Lectureship (now Reader) position within the Biomechanical Engineering Group at UCL Mechanical Engineering, where she now leads an interdisciplinary research group on the development and application of mathematical models in medicine. In May 2017, she established the UCL Centre for Nerve Engineering with Dr James Phillips (UCL School of Pharmacy).