Taking risks and failing is a crucial part of any learning process.

Although it might not feel like it at the time, failing is key for building a research career. Even highly successful researchers and academics will have failed numerous times in their careers. What matters is how you react to failure, how you use it to innovate and reinvigorate your approach to your work.

That’s why the UCL Academic Careers Office created ADAPT to Thrive, an event series focused on sharing the experiences of researcher at different career stages and showcase how both failure and success are a part of everyday academic life.

We have brought together stories from leading academics, researchers and industry figures to discuss what failure means to them, and how they overcame it to end up where they are today. This could be anything from getting a grant rejection, to impostor syndrome or something in their life that affected their work. Hear about how they overcame these obstacles, what help they looked for and what solutions they came up with. Hopefully through people sharing experiences you’ll pick up some advice or ideas you can put into practice.